foam armor painting tutorial [pic heavy]


how to make this


look like THIS


While there are many different techniques for painting foam cosplay pieces, this is the method I use for metal armor that works really well for me. So I have typed out exactly what I do in hopes that it will maybe help someone.

I specifically used this technique for foam Iron Man armor, but it can be used for most metal props.

warning: very pic and text heavy

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…i didn’t cry drawing it…

[trigger warning: transphobia, transphobic slurs]

I finally understand why my girlfriend doesn’t understand why people stare at me.


I must have reblogged this like ten times by now

Boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever.


I must have reblogged this like ten times by now

Boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever.

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I compiled most of the writing websites I’ve mentioned on my blog into one post. I find a lot of these sites useful, so hopefully they can help you out!

Imagination Prompt Generator: This give you a one-sentence writing prompt that will help you come up with ideas. I…



Condom-Mint Panic Plus!

So, I got thinking, there’s this new anime called like Condom-Mint Panic Plus! and it’s the story of four sapient condiments personified as adolescent girls attending a high-school in Japan.

Ketchup Tomatou is their leader—a strong, bold tsundere redhead with a sometimes acidic personality. She’s very popular and is into most of the activities at her school. She worries she is too plain and boring but everyone seems to love her nonetheless.

Mayonnaise Réal is her best friend since childhood—a cheerful foil to Ketchup’s sometimes thoughtless actions. Mayonnaise-kun holds a dark secret that she’s told nobody—she’s secretly Dressing Girl Miracle, the Condom-Mint Panic Plus! girls’ whip-wielding tyrant of an arch enemy.

Mustard Jaune is the group’s odd one out. S/he thinks of herself as quiet and meek, but always seems to wind up everywhere you don’t want her to be and at all the wrong times. S/he desperately wishes that Ketchup-senpai would notice her. S/he often feels under-appreciated by the girls, especially when Ketchup-senpai is around. Probably a trap.

And finally, Relish. That is certainly not her real name but she’s never told anyone what it is, and this becomes an ongoing joke throughout the series. She’s super sweet and very agreeable, but there’s a lot of damage inside; she’s all mixed up and confused, probably from a very traumatic early life. She will almost certainly betray the group at some point.


Happy July 4th, America! Love, Canada.


Happy July 4th, America! Love, Canada.




The past few days have been absolutely exhausting and I got hungry quite a lot. However, all I have suffered for is redeemed!

I became part of the Archer’s Guild, and through doing set tasks was I able to prove my worth within the Guild. An Elezen named Silvairre pretty much detested me— as if I liked him in the tiniest bit! I have come to the conclusion that a) he thinks that any race other than Mi’qotes lack in dexterity skills or b) refer to a). I’m glad that I will never have to encounter such an egotistical person again, pfft.

Oh, oh, I met with Kan-E-Senna, an Elder Something?? She has blonde hair and is really pretty and she has huge bodyguards and that is so awesome! I then travelled to Limsa Lominsa and Ul’ Dah— I was completely lost in Limsa Lominsa, but thankfully a kind Hyur named Lauren Mayberry offered to bring me to Aleport. Although we have just met not too long ago, I can’t kick away the gut that she’s going to my partner-in-Leviathan! 

I searched for a man in Limsas Lominsa who claimed to be an Aesthestician. He’s not that difficult to identify, really: pink hair with bluish-purple highlights, a mark on his sharp face, and his golden hoop earrings. He seems to groom himself well, and dang can he work those scissors! After travelling to Ul’ Dah, Gridania and back to Limsa Lominsa… (evil cackling)  He’s at my peck-and-all, whenever I ring the summoner’s bell in the Inn. Instinctively, I asked him to give me a new hairstyle and holy sweet strawberries, I love my new hairstyle! It makes me even cuter~ Who knew that was possible?

I have finally gained better, more decent-looking armor after helping people in Ul’ Dah. I kind of look like Batgirl with the hair and the goggles, or so I think. But trust me, I’m trying to not steal in the limelight from the scenery. 

I am so hyped up for tomorrow! New day, new adventure— new rewards, more GILs, and more food! I wonder if it’s possible to gain rewards by not doing anything… Hmm…




any cookie is bite sized if you try hard enough



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